Enhance Your Online Retail Business With Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology is drastically changing the game regarding online shopping. This technology has been all over recently, but we had no idea it would influence ecommerce this soon. (This is with the help of ecommerce realization operations behind the scenes.)

It may be new technology, but it is worth investing in as an online retailer. Virtual reality will let your customers get a more realistic view of the items you have in your store, gaining you more traffic.

It imitates the actual shopping in a store, and in some cases, it can be a more accurate experience than when shopping physically. A good example is when you try to visualize how furniture will look and fit in your home.

What Is Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual reality uses 3D protection technology that allows you to feel like you are in the actual place. By putting on VR r headsets (the most common way of entering the virtual world), you get to hear and see the environment you intend to survey.

You can also include VR gloves to help you feel the touch of items in the virtual world. With virtual reality technology, you get to move around the environment as if you are there.

Let us say you are shopping on an Apple Watch strap website such as proofwearable.com; having your VR headsets and VR gloves will help you get the feel of the watch straps and try them on to see how they look on you before purchase.

Online Retail Business With Virtual Reality Technology

How Virtual Reality Technology Can Benefit Your Online Store

  • This technology gives your customers a powerful and rich experience that can be pretty unforgettable. It automatically increases the number of customers visiting your online store.
  • Virtual reality technology works wonders for brand awareness. Since your customers get an actual and share-worthy feel of your products, they become your first brand ambassadors physically and on social media platforms.
  • In today’s world, one can shop from any part of the world, and with our diversity, there could be language barriers. Virtual reality is an excellent way to help break down language barriers.

A customer does not have to get a detailed explanation of the product because it can be demonstrated with this technology. This is very helpful for someone speaking a different language, especially when explaining complex products.

  • With virtual reality, your customers can view your product from every angle. This is an excellent alternative to having the product in hand. They get to have a better perspective of the item they intend to purchase with this 360-degree product view.

How to Use Virtual Reality Technology for Your Online Store

Hold live marketing events

Not everybody can make it to your store’s live events. This is where virtual reality technology steps in. Some people may be physically unavailable, while your target may be way out of your proximity in other cases.

Virtual reality helps expand your reach by bringing the event to your audience. All your customers get to have a front-row seat at everything you have to showcase. This allows your audience to perceive better the brands you are showcasing.

Aside from giving your brands the ultimate exposure, you can decide to run the event purely virtual. This will save you the expenses of holding the event in a showroom.

Proofwearable.com, an online store for Apple Watch straps, can organize an event without renting space for their products. They will showcase all their items vividly while saving costs on event organizing.

Enhancing your customer service

Customer satisfaction improves when you can resolve customer issues accordingly, and most customers do come back after this. Support staff mostly rely on customer descriptions of a problem, making troubleshooting hard.

Poor visualization of an issue can frustrate your support staff as they may not know how to solve the case, leaving the customer unsatisfied. However, virtual technology can solve such problems.

This technology helps customers explain their issues in more detail, leading to less stressed support staff who will, in turn, satisfy your customers.

Allowing your customers to test your products before purchase

We all need to test a product before purchase, and most customers will only purchase testing. With a 360 view of the product, the gap between physical and online retailing is bridged.

Your customer does not have to physically visit your store or wait a few days for a sample to arrive to test your product with virtual reality. This also reduces our refund chances as a retailer.

At proofwearable.com, customers can test the Apple Watch straps before purchase and see if they like them. This will give the customers satisfaction, and there is hardly a chance they will send them back.

With this technology, you get the chance to track your customers’ behaviors as they walk through your store rather than just visiting your product page online. Tracking your audience lets you make your marketing more personalized, and you learn your customers’ preferences.


Though very new, virtual reality technology is helping solve significant challenges in ecommerce.

With the help of more cost-effective solutions such as Google Cardboard which turns your smartphone into headsets, virtual reality will soon make significant changes in the ecommerce world. Don’t be left out!

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