Virtual Reality Technology

Designers Use Virtual Reality Technology to Design Men’s Bomber Jackets

Rachel Roy, the famous designer who has dressed top-notch celebrities, in an interview stated that; a bomber jacket is a must-have item for men. I agree with her in totality. Virtual reality is a computer generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real invoking user experience. The contribution of virtual reality to the design of bomber jackets is massive. Bomber jackets are now the most sought-after electrifying outerwear trends. Men’s bomber jackets have not been left behind in this revolution. This trend has been made possible by virtual reality technology.

The article provides an insight on B3 bomber jackets, suede leather bomber jackets, AOP bomber jackets, and VR bomber jackets (waterproof and water resilient). Additionally, it delves into the importance of virtual showrooms for designers and brands in marketing men’s bomber jackets.

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B3 bomber jackets

This is a gem in the market prepared with extra care while observing fiddly details. They are attractive and comfortable at the same time. B3 bomber jackets can historically be traced to the American bomber during the World War I which pilots and aviators wore them casually for protection from harsh weather. This was a time when airplanes did not have an enclosed cockpit.

Currently virtual reality try-ons such as VR mirrors have come handy in men’s bomber jackets designing. Through it you can “put on” and admire your new looks on them. It helps in achieving the four basic points of bomber jackets design which are; fit, fastening, colour, and fabric. Designers using virtual reality technology appeal to the fashion industry.

Men’s suede leather bomber jackets

Leather and suede creates a luxe combo for every man who desires a mix and match in leather jackets. Suede leather is recognized as one of the most top tier material in the world of fabrics. Its incorporation to men’s bomber jackets renders a modish smart touch to your all time outfit. Its textures adds a multi-tonal appearance experience as well as improving its softness. Men’s fashion designers are aware of the fact that; one can never go wrong with suede leather bomber jackets. It provides an imperial upgrade to any outfit.

The touch of virtual reality technology on suede leather bomber jackets for men is exceptional. It helps designers to combine the traditional uses of leather to the modern elements in the design industry. Moreover it provides a though-provoking experience for designers through real-life portrayal of distinctive fabrics. Virtual reality also assists designers in documentation and reflection of the bomber jackets design and its manufacturing processes. This elates and inspires the genius designs allowing the combination of suede leather in designing men’s bomber jackets.

AOP bomber jackets

This is a customizable bomber jacket that gives the customer freedom to design their own way. Sublimation or what is famously known as all over print is trendy as it allows you to classically customize and redefine your experience with bomber jackets. The fashion industry utilizes augmented and virtual reality to achieve sublimation.

Futuristic jackets such as those developed by Machina which has created an out of body experience (OBE). It offers a software kit that men’s bomber jacket designers can utilizes to enhance and use various garments. Machina, a company established in 2012, has in collaboration with universities developed this amazing technology. The result is a superior quality, long lasting image on your bomber jacket.

VR bomber jackets

There is often a confusion between waterproof and water resilience. Not all bomber jackets are waterproof. Waterproof means you can wear it on the rain without water going through it while water resilient means it can repel water but not safe for all conditions.

A VR bomber jacket designed by Vivid Reign is an example of water resistant lightweight bomber jacket made for all weather conditions. It is made from 100% polyester fabric layered and soft on the skin. It features a tapered stretched hand and iconic collar. Pioneer High Visibility, Waterproof, 300D Nano Tech Heated Bomber Jacket with a detachable hood is good for those working in dangerous environments with poor visibility. It is available in all men’s sizes and offers a complete selection of safety clothing. Virtual reality technology has been an enabler to achieving its high visibility, waterproof and safety features.


Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual showrooms

Many fashion clothing designers have not only embraced the new virtual reality technologies in design but also as a marketing tool. The reason for the shift is to enable fashion brands to meet their needs as well as those of its customers. However much many brands prefer on in-person selling experience, the place of virtual showrooms cannot be ignored. It has a significant in the fashion industry.

The virtual reality technology creates a fully virtual environment using computer graphics. Customers can see dynamic and static 3D looks of a virtual model wearing different types of bomber jackets. Bomber jacket designers appreciate this platform as it provides them with a seamless market alternative. An example is NuOrder which was developed in 2011 by Olivia Skuza and Hearth Wells. The virtual platform is a dynamic catalogue compatible to all brands achieved by simply creating a widget; whether a video or a line sheet. This marketing tool allows brands to tell their story by giving product information on their designs in a definitely usable customer interface.


Use of virtual reality technology by designers to design men’s green bomber jackets is immense. B3 bomber jackets for men have become trendy especially through the application of virtual try-ons and VR mirrors to excite customer experience. Application of virtual reality technology by designers allows the use of suede leather in the manufacture of men’s bomber jackets. The exceptional features of suede leather plus a touch of VR technology redefines their designing and manufacture. AOP bomber jackets on the other hand incorporate OBE software designs to engrave a high quality and long lasting image on the garment. The overall effect of a good product stemming from virtual reality technology and enabled by virtual showrooms is a sensational market experience

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