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Magnet Controller for ZEISS VR ONE

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Magnet Control for ZEISS VR ONE simply attaches to the side of your ZEISS VR ONE headset using an adhesive tape and allows you to control certain VR apps while your phone is inside the ZEISS VR ONE headset.

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Certain apps made for Google Cardboard require a magnet controller to interface with the app. For example, when launching the app Cardboard VR on your mobile device, the app launches to a screen that requires that you click to select an object. The Magnet Controller for ZEISS VR ONE allows this functionality.

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  • The VR ONE is awesome!

    Since I go the VR ONE I've taken it to parties and events and shown it around to just about everyone I know. Everybody I show it to is just amazed!
  • I love viewing 360 videos

    There's no better way to view a 360 video than inside a VR ONE. I bought a 360 video camera and, although it was a cool toy, you don't really get the whole effect without a product like the VR ONE. I can't wait to see where this industry goes!
  • I blew my friends away with VR ONE AR

    The VR ONE AR app is mind boggling! I took the VR ONE to a party and let everyone try it. People were so freaked out by the little avatars popping out of thin air. Everyone thought it was magic!